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Прекрасное китайское интервью, за всё спасибо тумблер-юзеру.

Себастьян говорит, что Крис дал ему совет - поменьше странных ролей, лучше сделать паузу. (интересно, это про Бронзу?) но шарик должен танцевать :lol:

I: Has Chris ever given you any advice?
SS: Chris told me: Don’t take on so many weird roles, you need to take a pause. Personally, I’m really interested in the artistic films or comedies.

Или вот - они обсуждают, кто был бы шафером на свадьбе у Стива, если бы он женился - Баки или Сэм. Ответы Стэна прекрасны :D

I: If Captain America were to be married, who do you think would be his best man?
CE: That’s a difficult question to answer, but I think if it came down to it, Steve would pick Bucky to be his best man.
I: Why would it be Bucky and not Sam?
CE: Because Cap and Bucky knew each other first, during World War II they were already fighting alongside each other, through thick and thin. And even though he lost Bucky on that train, with their long shared history, Steve would still pick Bucky.
SS: But Sam would rush to make the speech during the wedding anyway.
I: Or you can have same be one of the groomsmen?
CE: Yes, he would definitely be a groomsmen.
SS: Or you can have him be the ring bearer (flower boy??), just have him be responsible for the rings, problem solved, haha.

И опять он демонстрирует знания о Крисе. Чёрт, это он вот так в личном общении все запоминает внимательно? (не только про Криса, он ведь и про Маки помнил.)

I: Which male actor do you both admire?
CE: Jeff Bridges.
SS: Yes, he’s great, and I know you also like Ethan Hawke.
I: Why them?
CE: I guess because they have such diverse roles. They can be tough guys or have sentimental roles.

Или вот Себастьян про то, что курил в подготовке к роли ЗС.

I: The Winter Soldier’s expressions (his eyes) sometimes terrifies people, sometimes breaks their heart, this kind of “good and evil mixed in one” feeling, how did you maintain it?
SS: Before it was maintained by lots of smoking (cigarettes), but not anymore.
I: Now it’s with alcohol?
SS: No, you can’t rely on that kind of stuff. I actually really didn’t think too hard about it, most of the time it just happened naturally. Because in the process of filming, everyone gave me a lot of encouragement and support, no one looked at me with criticism, so I didn’t feel embarrassed, so I could just go for it. Projecting emotion is a very natural thing, you imagine sadness, concentrate on it without any distractions, and then the result is what you wanted to express.

Every time Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are together in front of the camera, they are well coordinated. That day (the day of the Chinese CACW press junket in Beijing) they wore matching red and blue, their interactions were intimate to the point of giving other people a reason for envy. But regarding the topic of friendship, they both have different answers.

Opponents and friends, always competing and fighting alongside each other, that is the relationship of Captain America and the Winter Soldier. But this type of relationship extends into reality, which you can see in our interview of Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. No matter how we ask or lead on, Chris still would not say a single bad thing about the Winter Soldier, this kind of favoritism and protection is not simply mutual caring for each other, but the affection of brothers.

I: Do you think you guys could win Team Iron Man at Texas Hold ‘Em?
CE: Hard to say, Iron Man looks like he can really act, he can pull a bluff on his opponent.
SS: Plus he has a helmet, you can’t even see his eyes. He could also be wearing a camera that can see your cards, so they would have a better chance at winning.

I: Everyone knows, in this Cap movie, the Superheroes split into two teams because of differences of opinions, this kind of conflict due to beliefs, does it resonate in your real life?
CE: Of course I also have a group of friends who have different beliefs or values, there’s some beliefs where a difference doesn’t threaten a friendship, but there are some that do.
SS: Yes, this is normal, everyone will face this kind of question. I personally highly value loyalty, it embodies the idea of “blood is thicker than water”, this is the basic principle of how I get along with my friends.

I: These types of differences, at what point will it deteriorate into a split (between friends)?
CE: For example, sometimes you realize you and your friend view the world very differently, way too different, then it would result in a split.

I: You just said “world views”, to what are you referring to?
CE: It can be a standpoint issue or society issue, but most importantly world view. For example, I have some friends who are very religious, but I’m a person who doesn’t like to publicize any type of belief. Because these beliefs can be positive or hateful and discriminatory. I don’t like label people by their identify, occupation, sexuality or hobbies. Sometimes when you first meet a person, you don’t know them that well, but after getting to know them you realize you guys are polar opposites. Then you have to say to yourself, okay, you have different aspirations, then you just have to part ways.

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I: If Captain America were to be married, who do you think would be his best man?
CE: That’s a difficult question to answer, but I think if it came down to it, Steve would pick Bucky to be his best man.

шиппер джонлока во мне визжит так, что лопаются стёкла

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